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What are dental sealants?

Dental sealants help to protect the teeth from decay. This thin, protective covering is brushed onto the teeth and cured into place, sealing off the surface of the tooth from cavity-causing bacteria and buildup. Sealants help us prevent decay and the need for fillings and are a great option for children, teens, and adults alike.

Why We Recommend Dental Sealants

If you are prone to dental decay, our Cypress dentist may recommend sealants. Think of sealants as a protective layer that covers the tooth and prevents bacteria from infiltrating enamel.

Some reasons you may be advised to have sealants placed include:

  • You are prone to cavities.
  • You have deep grooves and fissures in your teeth.
  • Your child doesn’t follow proper at-home dental hygiene.
  • You’ve been told in the past that you’d benefit from sealants.

While most patients who receive sealants are children, they are incredibly beneficial for adults who tend to get cavities regularly.

Getting Dental Sealants in Cypress, TX

A thorough examination and a history of your dental health are needed to determine if sealants are right for you. Most people who want sealants or think they will benefit from them will be able to receive the procedure.

The procedure to have sealants placed is done easily and quickly in our office. First, Dr. Lori Logan will brush a thin liquid over the teeth. She then cures and hardens the sealant to create a seamless and invisible barrier on top of and around each tooth.

Sealants can last for anywhere from one to three years. Once they wear down, sealants can be replaced for continued protection.

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